Surge Decision

Hi all,

I have been praying for months asking the Lord for guidance whether or not to try to do Surge in person. After our Gathering last week and a meeting today with the state team and hearing from some of you, I have decided that Surge will only be online. That being said, I am so grateful for the work of the Discipleship Team as they have tried to give us the best of both worlds - in person Surge for some and online Surge for others. They have worked hard and struggled with these formats in the interest of trying to satisfy everyone. But, as of today, I have asked them to move ahead planning an online Surge Retreat only for the original weekend of Surge - February 19-20 (Friday and Saturday only).

I believe it is the right decision for the following reasons:

  • In trying to please everyone, it seemed like very few chapters were actually pleased.

  • To try to provide both in person and online on different weekends was causing frustration and confusion and potential division for several of our chapters. Surge is an event where we want to all grow in our faith and the last thing we want to see is it having negative effects.

  • To try to provide in person only (because of COVID constraints) would limit the number who could participate. This goes against the very heart of Surge as a y’all come kind of event. For chapters to have to pick and choose who could attend could damage relationships with and among students - again, not what we want Surge to be about.

  • We all agree that we would rather be in person like previous Surge Retreats, but with the environment God has allowed us to currently be in, an online Surge is the best option. It gives every chapter and every student the opportunity to worship, be challenged by God’s Word, and grow in Christ.

~ Marc

Marc HillState DirectorChristian Challenge AZCollegiate Ministry of the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention